Finned bellow with modular construction

Compact - minimal compression:

With its new designed geometry microFIN feather elements interlock with the bellow elements. This enables the whole construction to achieve a compression of 2,4 mm per lamella.

In comparison to regular bellows which have a relatively high compression rate, the whole machine stroke can be greatly enlarged.



With its unique coating at the bottom of each fin (lamella), scratching is prevented and the lifetime of the cover is increased significant (up to 70%). Additionally it increases the tightness against coolants and chips.*

*available for lamellas up to 1500 mm width


Each lamella is removable from the bellow - corpus without disassembly of the whole cover systems. This is achieved by a plug connection between corpus lamella and protection lamella.

Damaged lamellas can be removed easily and cost-effective.


Due to its modular construction, an additional fabric can be added to the cover system. As a result the cover gets 100% seal against coolants without increasing the compression rate.

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