Exhibition Dates

Below you can find our further exhibition dates. We are looking forward to your visit!


AMB Stuttgart   - 13.09.18 - 17.09.18

CCMT Shanghai - 09.04.18 - 13.04.18


Impressions of past events

EMO Hannover 18.09. - 23.09.2017

New Automatic Laser Cutting Center May 2017

CCMT Exhibition Beijing April 2017

New Facitlity for Thodacon Germany 2017

AMB Exhibition Stuttgart Sepember 2016

CIMT Exhibition Shanghai 2016

AMB Stuttgart 15.09.14 - 20.09.14

Crossing borders: Thodacon is delivering the probably biggest Aluminum Apron with a height of 4800 mm to China.

CEO Vincent Vorpahl is handing over the project to the convinced customer.