Pit Covers

Dynamic thodacon Pit Covers for every case of application:

  • Walkable or not walkable
  • Automatically rolling up and unrolling
  • Equipable with anti-slip covering (Griptabe)
  • Unrolling lengths up to 20m and longer coverable supporting  width, depending from walkability, up to 4.5m.

Following motors are available for our Pit Covers:

Electric Motor

For moving the Pit Cover in and out (in combination with drag chains).

Air Motor

Works with air pressure like a spring with unlimited stroke.

Thodacon E-Spring Motor

The electric spring works like a spring with unlimited stroke. There is no air pressure needed.

You can chose from the following rollup drives:

  • Worm Way for sliding the cover in
  • Can be rolled up in a housing
  • Exchangable Panels


The flexible cover-links are made from adonised aluminiumprofiles taken from the thodacon ALC Row (compare: apron covers or main catalogue).


Customized solutions and other cover-materials are available on your demand.


For more detailed information, please download our catalogue here.